Wasatch Blooms

A Salt Lake City, Utah Urban Flower Farm

Wasatch Blooms is an Urban Flower Farm in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our focus is to serve local, sustainably grown flowers to the Salt Lake County area. You can buy Wasatch Blooms flowers through our Flower CSA or by supporting your local florists.

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Wasatch Blooms is aligned with the seasons. In Spring and Summer the focus is on outward growth, filling our senses with the sight, smell, and texture of flowers.


My passion to grow flowers began in a year when I had grown none at all. I missed the planting season and didn't realize I would miss flowers in my yard. But when my daughters wanted to make me a flower crown, the only available blooms were garlic chives and a handful of self-seeded cosmos. With my hair smelling of garlic, I realized I yearned for flowers to adorn my life. 

 I began to study flowers and learned of the  Slow Flowers movement taking place. I found out there weren't many options for someone who wanted to support locally grown flowers in Salt Lake County. So I started Wasatch Blooms. I want people to feel the connection that I do to the blooms I grow.


I love to sit and listen to a garden's song. The birds carry the melody, bees hum in rhythm, and the breeze lifts the scent of soil and fragrant blooms and fill my lungs with the song of the Earth. It’s silly, I know. But when the sun warms my back and the flowers dance in rhythm to the breeze, I can’t help but feel the Earth is singing.

I grow flowers to be sustainable, to support local ecosystems and regenerate the soil. I grow intensively on an urban lot and mix market gardening with permaculture ethics. I grow beneath and beside an inherited crabapple tree that blooms the most vibrant fuchsia in the Spring. And I grow alongside the community at the SLC Veggie Swap in South Salt Lake. 

So when you pick up your market bouquet you smell the flowers and breeze and the bumble bee, and you know you can breathe them in deeply.


Through the flowers, the zinnias, bachelor buttons, calendula, aster, sunflowers, strawflowers, love-in-the-mist, bee balm, I heard the Earth sing.

She sings through color and movement and earthworms and ladybugs and blue orchard bees. She sings through the breeze dancing on petals.