Join me for a Harvest

Come to my home and join me for a harvest. Enjoy the cool evening air while you watch the hummingbird moths hover over flowers and the honey bees curl up into blooms to sleep. I will provide a bucket, gloves, and clippers for you if you wish to harvest your own flowers. You are welcome to invite someone to join you to take photos, or I am happy to snap some pictures of you among the rows.

While I grow at two locations, I want to invite you to my home where I have devoted so much love and time to your flowers. While the growing space at my home is smaller than the other garden, it is more meaningful to me and I want to share that space with you.

Let’s talk about how I can support your artistry, what types of flowers make your heart skip, and how local flowers can expand your artistic expression.

The dahlia bed is full of buds and flowers, the crab apple tree full of birds, and the evening sun will set things aglow, making this a memorable and beautiful experience.