Grow Abudance

Grow Abudance


This journal is a tool meant to follow you around the garden. It is meant to have dirt smears mark the pages as much as your observations and dreams. The Grow Abundance garden journal is a companion book to the Wasatch Blooms Cutting Garden Workshop but easily stands alone from the workshop with pages for you to note your growing practices and how you want to improve.

There are writing prompts to help you realize your motivations with your garden and pages for drawing out what your garden will look like. And while record keeping may not be the most enthralling aspect of gardening, having last years notes always make this years lessons easier to learn. So there are plenty of record keeping pages to help you keep track of your sowing schedule, harvesting numbers, and how well you generally stayed on top of things this year.

The journal is constructed with heavy 80lb paper so it can follow you around the garden without fear of pages being ruined. So press your petals, draw flower sketches, and take full advantage of a journal that Wants to be with you in the garden.

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